Step to manufacture the standard knitting criteria.

  1. 1. Manufacturing spare for the core parts : Inner Cam, Cam Box, Actuators & other core mechanical parts (out side the workshop)
  2. 2. Computer CPU designed by Fine Corp. & assembled PCB outside.
  3. 3. Sourcing some Parts from the Local vendor: Cylinder from PH Company, who is the specialist in Pusan, Korea & also from other.
  4. 4. Manufacturing below parts from Korean company in China to reduce the cost but quality maintain by us :
    • Servo, Drive & Stepping Motor.
    • Some accessories yarn stand, yarn guide sets, suction devise sets (Plastic item) & lubricant device etc.,
  5. 5. Final Knitting Test & quality inspection of the machines after complete the assembling in Pochen, Korea.


Frame & Upper component including cylinder & Inner cam etc.

Yarn finger sets & Double welt device

Actuator setting

Complete upper Assembly

Computer control Box & Testing